I Love Surprises!!


Clothes, Lingerie and Jewelries

If you prefer to surprise me with something unique, I happily accept gift cards to Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Journelle, Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur as well as any store you think I’ll like!

If you are buying clothings for me, my size is mentioned here. If you’d love to see me in a particular costume, lingerie (even if it seems nerdy!) - that is something I’d be happy to participate in, all you need to do is just confirm that anything you bring to a session fits my unique body and has tags attached!


Roses and sweets

If you'd like to brighten up my day with some flower surprise, then think about nothing else but roses! I also love chocolate flavoured goodies best - my tastes swing towards milk as supposed to dark.


One great way to spoil me rotten – and allow me to spoil you – is to have me accompany you on a decadent vacation!

Contact me about a traveling engagement.